Deeper into Poetry

August 16, 2009

Poetry Bookgroup

The deeper you go into poetry, the more it can give you the nourishment your soul craves, opening your heart to the experiences of others, hundreds of them.
Some poets are very like you, some utterly different; some are writing today in America or Africa, some thousands of years ago, in China or ancient Greece; all are able to find words that have power, that can,

In the desert of the heart,
Bid the healing fountain start.

(W.H. Auden)

How do you get deeper into a song?

You sing it!

Like a song—it’s good to hear a poem said, it’s even better to say it yourself—that’s one of the best ways of going deeper into a poem.

And if a good teacher helps you learn to say it, that will take you deeper still.
(Silvine Farnell has been doing this kind of teaching for years.)

Even one workshop can transform your experience of poetry, whether you are six years old or eighty-six, a poetry therapist, a teacher, a parent, a member of a book group, or just one of the many people who have always wished they enjoyed poetry more.

And if you don’t live in Colorado, and can’t afford to bring Silvine in for a workshop, there’s still a lot you can do on your own, and the resources offered here will help you get started.