What Others Are Saying

Very beautiful. Opening. A wonderful surprise.
Eileen Burke, Psychotherapist, writer
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Silvine, you brought a wide group smile to our book club!
Devon Carberry, Realtor
Tucson, Arizona
This is the first time a master has taught me how to READ ALOUD the poem as it is meant to be read.
Sydney Thomas, Professor of counseling,
University of Maine

Orono, Maine
My love for poetry was reawakened in this workshop. I learned to just relax and feel the beauty of the words.
Arthur Okner, Retired businessman and social worker,
Elder Cohousing Ambassador
Boulder, Colorado

Your workshop provided an original and systematic model for participants to see and taste poetry as a form of music, a collection of sounds and actions beyond cognitive meanings. Best of all was being able to transform those poems into performance with your expert guidance through a set of well-designed exercises. I especially liked how you built from safe and familiar ways of reading to actual performance.
Dr. Diane Allerdyce, Ph.D., Certified Poetry Therapist
Chief Academic Officer
Toussaint L’Ouverture High School for Arts & Social Justice

An awesome and inspiring evening. I had never enjoyed or really understood poetry, but you inspired me to investigate it further without the fear and trepidation that usually overtake me.
Susan Hetherington
Tucson, Arizona

If I had to give this workshop a name, it would be Embodying Poetry. Embodiment—it speaks of feeling poetry in your body, and that’s what the workshop helped us all to do.
Lisa Avnet, Hoshino therapist, poetry therapist in training
Goshen, Connecticut
A surprising experience, so different from engaging poetry with just my intellect in school. I discovered level after level in my heart, experiencing fine details of the rhythm and words, like a stairway leading me deeper and deeper into my being.
Helena Meyer, CEO of the Helena Meyer Company: Natural Beauty for Health & Well-being
Boulder, Colorado
It was rich and satisfying to collaborate with others to perform a poem, not a bit scary. And so beautiful to hear others’ voices and savor the creativity that flowed over and through the poems as our small groups read for each other at the end of the evening.
Carol Osborne, Retired academic administrator
Boulder, Colorado
I found myself hearing new meaning and inflections in the poetry.  I felt the sounds of words in my mouth in ways I hadn’t thought of trying before.  This workshop has really opened up my sense of how to share poetry.
Ivan Granger, Database designer, editor of Poetry-Chaikhana.com
Silvine does such an excellent job working with the group, then establishing the ground rules for each small group to prepare a poem for presentation—it was so much fun and
I learned so much. I recommend she do this again.
Participant, National Association of Poetry Therapy Conference

What a wonderful evening … of feeling, tasting, seeing, hearing & singing poetry.
Elizabeth Reninger, Published poet, yoga teacher, and Practitioner of the Taoist Arts
Boulder, Colorado
Wow, what an evening—it took me out of my box with poetry and seemed to release a part of myself that I had forgotten about.
Soo Young Lee, Freelance writer and consultant
Boulder, Colorado

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