Three happy readers at poet workshopTHE BASIC WORKSHOP

Two hours of playful, enlightening exploration of poetry, culminating in bringing a poem alive for the group.

Guaranteed to help you forget traumatic experiences you may have had with teachers who asked you to figure out what a poem means—when what you wanted was to know how to enjoy it.

Together we taste the words, feel the silence, and visualize the images of a powerful poem, going through all the steps that take us deep into the poem and prepare us to embody it. Then we split into small groups, and each group prepares a poem to share.

Then, if years of experience are any guide, I promise you will be blown away by the poems you bring alive for each other, and inspired to write poetry of your own.


Contact Silvine if you’re interesting in organizing a workshop for your group, or in having Silvine give your group a brief free introduction to the kind of work she does.

Contact Silvine to get on our list, and receive word of new workshops as they’re offered, as well as mini-reviews of new work that may be just what you’re looking for, for yourself or your kids.


If you want to go deeper into poetry on your own, consider the suggestions offered in Resources.

Take a three-hour workshop especially for poets who want to read their own poetry more effectively—and to enrich their own poetry by going deep into good poems by others.

Arrange a workshop or series of workshops for your book group.

Turn your kids on to poetry with a workshop for kids and parents.

Explore on your own with resources for turning kids on to poetry. That page is currently aimed at teachers and homeschoolers, but a page specifically for parents will be added soon, and will include suggestions for younger children.


Workshops for homeschooling parents

Workshops for teachers

Workshops for poetry therapists—and their clients

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