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Book group members discussing poetry options

The basic workshop alone can help participants overcome even a lifelong fear of poetry, and if they already love poetry, it can take them deeper into old friends and open them to new ones. If your book group is unsure about whether this kind of workshop is right for you, consider having Silvine come in and give a brief introduction—it’s free, and you’ll get a chance to see whether you resonate with this approach.

One delightful possibility with book groups is tailoring the poems we play with to the group, by choosing a theme—another is having the members read something in advance. And a third is a series of workshops, perhaps on favorite poets of the twenty-first century.

Here are some possible themes:
Getting to Yes (Which May Mean Going through No)

The Quest

Awakening the Heart

And here’s one possible reading:

A little paperback by Bill Moyers called Fooling with Words: A Celebration of Poets and Their Craft, has delighted some book groups. It’s based on transcripts of interviews he did with poets at the Dodge Poetry Festival in 1998. One possibility is to read the interview with a specific poet, say Jane Hirshfield, or Stanley Kunitz, and then bring alive poems by that poet in the workshop.


Silvine, you brought a wide group smile to our book club, and all the while you were working your word magic to reveal hidden wonders!
Devon Carberry, realtor
Tucson, Arizona

<An awesome and inspiring evening. I had never enjoyed or really understood poetry, but you inspired me to investigate it further without the fear and trepidation that usually overtake me.
Susan Hetherington
Tucson, Arizona

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