Workshop for Parents and Children

Three home schooled girls reading poetry

Poetry can open new worlds to your children—and to you. Arrange a workshop that you and other parents can enjoy with your kids, and here’s what you’ll get.

Turn your kids on to poetry through the experience of performing—two hours of playing with delightful children’s poetry.

3 Muslim girls thoughtful over poetry

Get coaching in how to help kids prepare poetry for performance.

Work in a small group with kids to prepare a poem.

Home school mother and 3 kids reading poetry out loud

Enjoy the achievement of each small group, as the workshop culminates in a celebratory performance.

Join a discussion with the other parents after the workshop on how to make poetry part of a family’s life.

Father daughter poetry time

Beware—your kids may insist on performing on all special occasions, from Thanksgiving to Fourth of July!

Contact Silvine to get more details about arranging a workshop, or to find out about the possibility of arranging a free introductory talk on making poetry part of your family’s life.

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And just to give you an idea of what’s possible, here’s a comment from someone who took this workshop:

I remembered how much I love poems, and language, and a million other things, and it gave me hope and ideas for how to share and sustain that excitement with the kids. . . . And when I got the anthology you recommended out of the library, I even discovered
my three-year-old son prefers poetry over his favorite music CD!

Chloe Chaudhry

Lafayette, California

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