Workshop for Poets

A three-hour workshop that offers a powerful way to improve your poetry, as well as to share it with others more fully.

During the first hour, we dive deep into a good poem, involving all levels of the mind and enlivening the senses, bringing the poem alive in our bodies, learning the steps that prepare us for reading any poem in a way that helps listeners enter the experience fully. In the process, we sharpen our awareness of the quality of sounds and the power of images, of the way line breaks enhance meaning and deepen silence, of the subtle rhythms present in free verse. During the second hour, we break into small groups, each group prepares a poem from the gems Silvine brings with her, and we come back together to share the experience each group has created.

Silvine helping poet Tom

The last hour offers several possibilities:

  • This kind of play with poetry tends to take us to the deep place from which poetry comes—you may choose to write your own poem, polish it, and if you wish, prepare to read it to the group at the end of the workshop.
  • Bring a poem you have already written, and work on preparing to read it. You may choose to work in groups of two or three, preparing poems by others as well as your own, or you may choose to work alone, perhaps on more than one poem.
  • You may choose to work, alone or with others, on another poem by someone else that repays this kind of deep attention.

Again we come back together to share what we have created.

Two Happy poetry readersThroughout our time together, Silvine circulates to coach and encourage. Every participant gets a collection of yummy quotations by poets past and present on the power of poetry, especially when it’s read out loud, plus copies of all the poems Silvine brings in.


Contact Silvine to arrange a three-hour workshop aimed at poets, or to get on our list and hear about workshops like this whenever they’re offered.

Nancy“Silvine’s workshop woke me up to the physical and emotional sensation of each poem’s sound. I felt the words roll around my tongue and vibrate within my body, bringing a new level of feeling and meaning to each poem. The step-by-step process we learned gave me confidence to prepare and read my own poems and the poems of others out loud.”
Nancy Kirkendall, realtor and poet
Boulder Area, Colorado

Tom“Silvine’s workshop brought my love of poetry back to life. Twenty years ago I read and wrote poetry constantly, but as the demands of practical living took me over, poetry gradually faded into the past. This workshop reminded me of why I fell in love with the music of language so many years ago.”
Tom Kirkendall, Inventory Release Specialist
Nederland, Colorado

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